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Time to cash in with our 180 day affiliate cookies, Browser and IP Based cookies (never loose commission), auto list building system and instant payments into your account

From the desk of VisitorTrust Team

Sometimes it just seems that the simplest of things are so difficult.

Take affiliate marketing as an example.

It should be easy, and yet there is an army of wannabes out there, chasing their tails.

All it takes is a good offer, some traffic, and a good marketplace to sell on.

So, why is it that most people find it hard to succeed online?

Let's look at traffic.

It's a well-known fact that having a subscribers list is the best way to generate consistent traffic.

This is why having a subscribers list is the only sure fire way to generate consistent traffic and income.

But how to build a list

There are many ways... both paid and free

The best one by far, is to get the details of all the people who've actually purchased products within your niche.

They are the buyer leads, and are considered to be the best form of traffic there is - warm, targeted and ready to buy.

There is one problem though.

The great affiliate ripoff

When affiliate marketplaces do not share the buyer details with the affiliates!

Imagine investing in traffic - YouTube videos, paid ads, you name it…

Busting your "proverbial" to make sales for the vendor…

And then not receiving the buyer leads at the end of the process!

This is one of the great mysteries of our industry. Surely it would be in the Spirit of "collaboration" to share the leads of customers which you have brought to the vendor!

Speaking of Ripping off the poor affiliate let's talk about cookies.

Replying on cookies alone is asking for trouble

As you know, cookies are the tracking method for making sure that you, the affiliate, gets paid for your sales.

There is however an elephant in the room, which is the fact that buyers occasionally refresh their browsers to improve their browsing activity.

When they do that the cookies are deleted and the affiliate does not get paid.

It's estimated that this results in hundreds of millions of Dollars "misallocated" every year.

This is all bad enough, but I'm afraid there is more.

The same scenario happens when the browser is changed after the initial contact with the product - for example between Chrome and Firefox.

Because the purchase was made on a different browser to that which initially landed on the offer, that sale would not be attributed to the affiliate.

Things do not have to be like this.

Introducing Visitor Trust

Visitor Trust is a new kind of affiliate marketplace built around you, the affiliate.

But before I tell you about some of the amazing features we've put together, who am I, and why am I qualified to tell you about a new way to conduct your business

For the last 20 years we have been developing apps and selling them on various online platforms.

After doing this for years, we became disillusioned with the rip-off that is so prevalent in our industry.

Join as an affiliate on VisitorTrust

In the end we decided to build my own affiliate platform.

As an experienced developer myself I had all the skills and tools to create something worthwhile from the ground up. I wanted it to be cutting edge but at the same time emphasise the empathy which is so important within these online marketplaces. This is how Visitor Trust was born. A new and exciting affiliate platform that puts you, the affiliate, at its heart. Here are the features I've put together to make sure that you are protected and thriving on your affiliate marketing journey.

Lead Capture

At Visitor Trust we have re-engineered the process to ensure that all sales made by affiliates are also captured by them.

This means that you have the peace of mind to know that your hard-earned marketing efforts are going to be rewarded by having your list built, at the same time that you generate sales.

Every time you make a sale, the buyer's details will be automatically integrated into your autoresponder of choice.

This is a major benefit because the products sold on Visitor Trust are ideal for lead generation and lead magnets.

Not having the possibility of using these leads (due to the "Modus Operandi" of other affiliate platforms) would result in a massive loss of your time and resources.

So with that in mind I've pulled out all the stops to make sure that the products sold on the Visitor Trust can be utilised to their full potential.

Cookie Deletion

At Visitor Trust we don't just rely on cookies for commission allocation - we also have a "higher level of Identification" which is the IP address.

This means that even if the customer refreshers his browser, you will still be by receiving the commission which you are owed.

Research shows that there are hundreds of millions of Dollars every year misallocated because of this problem.

Having this additional level of ID also solves the problem of customers changing their browser between the point of being introduced to the offer and making the purchase - a problem that is more common than most people realise.

Leading Edge Reporting

As any affiliate marketer knows, reporting is at the very heart of any successful business.

At Visitor Trust I've pulled no punches to make sure that the reporting is world class.

Not only will you receive a full breakdown of your transactions, but you will also be able to see where your purchases come from so that you can allocate resources accordingly.

Join as an affiliate on VisitorTrust

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